Lights. Camera. Help Coal River Mountain!

A new Apliiq collaboration with Lights. Camera. Help! raises awareness of controversial, global environmental issues. 

Lights. Camera. Help. is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to encouraging other nonprofit and cause-driven organizations to use film and video to tell their stories.

Lights. Camera. Help! sponsors an annual film festival to showcase films made by other non-profits. This year’s film festival winner is On Coal River.

On Coal River takes viewers on a gripping emotional journey into the Coal River Valley of West Virginia — a community surrounded by lush mountains and a looming toxic threat.

The film follows a former coal miner and his neighbors in a David-and-Goliath struggle for the future of their valley, their children, and life as they know it.

The Coal River Valley of southern West Virginia is an area of steep terrain and diverse biology, comprising some of the oldest mountains in the world. 

It is also an area containing vast amounts of coal – the fossil fuel that currently powers just under 50% of domestic electricity.

Coal companies are practicing ‘mountaintop removal’ and other forms of steep-slope strip mining, using huge machines and explosives to extract thin seams of coal. 

Some estimate that these practices have already destroyed over 500,000 acres of land and buried 2000 miles of streams. 

After extraction, the mine plants crush and chemically “wash” the coal to remove toxins then pumping the waste into large manmade lakes or underground into old abandoned mine shafts. Unfortunately, the surrounding communities are severely impacted - from contaminated water supplies to a suspicious recent outpour of various types of cancer.

Help protect Coal River and the surrounding communities by watching the video, spreading the word, donating to the cause…

and shopping Apliiq! Here are some of the products you can buy to benefit On Coal River:

Apliiq donates 10% of all sales from the On Coal River store to Coal River Mountain Watch, featured on the film and another 10% to Lights. Camera. Help. to continue encouraging non-profits to share their causes through film.

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